About Us

Benchmark Engineering (BE) has an excellent reputation for manufacturing high-precision, high quality machined products. In 2009 Benchmark Engineering was approached by a leading local Geotechnical Engineering firm that was experiencing major problems with Perth Sand Penetrometers (PSP) and Dynamic Cone Penetrometers (DCP) manufactured by local and interstate companies. The firm was hoping that Benchmark Engineering could help resolve reliability issues with the penetrometer, including frequent breakage and parts wearing out prematurely.

Benchmark Engineering took on the challenge and set to work to build a more reliable Penetrometer. In the process we consulted a wide range of geotechnical industry experts. The quality and reliability issues they all faced were inherently similar. We then set out and manufactured some prototypes. After many months of extensive testing, we now are confident our Penetrometers are tougher, stronger and last longer.

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